Parameter                       Standard        Turn-Around
                                             Price                Time
Water Quality
   Total Coliform/E. Coli      $60            24-hours
Nitrate/Nitrite                $80            2-days
   Lead/Arsenic                 $90            5-days
   Mercury                      $100            10-days

Lead-Based Paint
   Paint Chips                   $50              2-days
   TCLP (Lead Toxicity)     $160            10-days

Asbestos Containing Building Materials
   Bulk PLM                      $55             24-hours
   Air Sampling                 $65              8-hours

      PLM - Polarized Light Microscopy, EPA Method-600/R-93/116

* All Prices include sample collection by a qualified Environmental Professional and analysis by U.S. EPA & NVLAP-certified laboratories.

** Travel Fees may be added, depending on site location and access.
*** RUSH Rates may change, subject to availability and complexing agents.

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