Project Experiences

Prism Environmental is passionate about their work and inspired by their team.

With a growing need for environmental preservation we’ve served the Western United States by providing professional environmental services, including Asbestos Building surveys and Water Pollution Control Management.  These are a few examples of Prism’s ongoing promise of keeping your environments safe and clean.


Prism Environmental specializes in maintaining safe and healthy environments.  With expertise in Site Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPP), Sampling and Analysis Plans (SAP), Health and Safety Plans (HASP), and Data Validation Plans, we are able to serve the Western United States in quality and safety.

Metaline Falls, WA

Remedial Investigation / Feasibility Study compliance monitoring at Lead-Zinc Mine

Richland, WA

Monitoring migration of hexavalent chrome groundwater plume at Hanford Nuclear Facility

Summittville, CO

Geochemical Assessment and Source Apportionment of metal-cyanide releases

Spokane, WA

Maintain LNAPL air-sparging wells and soil bioventing system at Fairchilds AFB

Omak, WA

RCRA Corrective Measure Study

Kellogg, ID

Geotechnical Assessment and soil testing at ICP Soil Repository

Bald Mountain, NV

Passive wetland design for acid mine drainage and heap leach treatment

Priest River, ID

Procure contractors and coordinate drilling for site remedial investigations in Priest River, ID, Spokane, WA, and Bakersfield, CA